Inclusive Hospitality

In Crete, the tradition of hospitality runs deep within our culture, and here at Pyriá, we hold this value close to our hearts. We are committed to embracing inclusivity in every aspect of our hospitality. To us, every guest is cherished as a VIP.

At Hotel Pyria

We foster an environment that celebrates diversity and warmly welcomes visitors from all backgrounds. We take pride in creating an atmosphere where differences are not only respected but celebrated.

Furthermore, we are proud to be an adult-friendly hotel, ensuring an atmosphere that is best suited for guests aged 14 and above. This policy allows us to curate an ambiance that caters specifically to the needs and preferences of our adult guests, ensuring a serene and relaxed experience.

Additionally, our commitment to inclusivity extends to ensuring that our facilities are thoughtfully designed and accessible for everyone. We have taken careful measures to make our premises easily navigable and comfortable for individuals using wheelchairs. From accessible entrances to specially designed rooms, we aim to provide a welcoming environment that accommodates the diverse needs of all our guests.

At Pyriá, inclusiveness isn’t just a statement; it’s an integral part of our ethos. We strive to create an environment where every guest feels not only welcome but truly valued and at home. Join us in experiencing the warmth of Cretan hospitality, where diversity is celebrated, and every guest is treasured.

At Pyriá, our commitment to providing guests with an all-round experience is deeply rooted in our ethos. Central to our identity is the unwavering embrace of our rich Cretan heritage, woven into the very fabric of every aspect of our operation. We don’t just acknowledge our heritage; we honor it in every detail, ensuring that our guests taste the authentic essence of Cretan culture.

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