Our Values

At Pyriá, we invite you to experience the true essence of hospitality, luxury, and authenticity. Our vision draws inspiration from our island’s rich history and captivating landscape, promising a comprehensive experience that will linger in your memory for a lifetime.

Shared Heritage

At Pyriá, our commitment to providing guests with an all-round experience is deeply rooted in our ethos. Central to our identity is the unwavering embrace of our rich Cretan heritage, woven into the very fabric of every aspect of our operation.

Inclusive Hospitality

In Crete, the tradition of hospitality runs deep within our culture, and here at Pyriá, we hold this value close to our hearts. We are committed to embracing inclusivity in every aspect of our hospitality. To us, every guest is cherished as a VIP.


At our core, sustainability isn’t just a goal; it’s our unwavering commitment to preserving our environment. We have integrated sustainable practices into every aspect of our operations to honour and protect our unique homeland.

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