Pyriá invites you to relish a culinary journey featuring the finest Cretan, Mediterranean, and international cuisines. Our chef’s talented team masterfully intertwines local flavours with global influences, curating a dining experience that is both sophisticated and authentic. Furthermore, anticipate an exceptional treat as we ensure your experience is enriched by the renowned Greek spirit of philoxenía, the art of warm hospitality.

Our bars

Unwind in style at one of our two bars, where you can sip on handcrafted cocktails and savour the moment as you soak in the sea breeze and the beautiful sunset.

Indulge in our exclusive array of wines sourced from local vineyards and artisanal beers that will transport you to the essence of our land’s rich flavours, adding the perfect touch to your evening.


A unique culinary experience

At our restaurant you will taste gastronomic creations, made using fresh, local ingredients, ensuring a culinary experience worth coming back for. From farm-to-table freshness to carefully curated wine pairings, every meal is a celebration of Crete’s gastronomic heritage.

Our flavours are crafted using some of the finest local ingredients and recipes, featuring renowned Cretan virgin olive oil, cheeses such as mizithra and graviera, golden thyme honey, fresh sea food, and a bounty of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

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