Shared Heritage

At Pyriá, our commitment to providing guests with an all-round experience is deeply rooted in our ethos. Central to our identity is the unwavering embrace of our rich Cretan heritage, woven into the very fabric of every aspect of our operation. We don’t just acknowledge our heritage; we honor it in every detail, ensuring that our guests taste the authentic essence of Cretan culture.

At Hotel Pyria

Our dedication to preserving and celebrating our heritage goes beyond mere acknowledgment. We actively engage in fostering enduring partnerships with local communities and artisans. These partnerships are not just transactions; they are meaningful collaborations that safeguard and promote our cherished traditions.

From collaborating with local artisans to showcase their craftsmanship in our decor and amenities to sourcing ingredients from local producers to craft authentic Cretan cuisine, we ensure that our guests experience the true essence of our heritage. Our commitment to these local partnerships isn’t just about business; it’s about nurturing a shared pride in our cultural legacy.

Join us in celebrating the timeless beauty, traditions, and richness of Cretan heritage. At Pyriá, we don’t just preserve our heritage; we invite you to be a part of it, to immerse yourself in its history, and to create unforgettable memories deeply rooted in the heart of our culture.

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